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Jazz Covers 2

Jason Moran, ‘Modernistic’ (Blue Note, 2002) Jay Jay Johnson, ‘The Eminent Jay Jay Johnson’ (Blue Note, 1954-55) Jim Hall-Ron Carter, ‘Alone Together’ (Milestone-OJC, 1972) Jimmy Smith, ‘Cool blues’ (Blue Note, 1958) Jimmy Smith, ‘Softly as a summer breeze’ (Blue Note, 1958) Joe Henderson, ‘Page One’ (Blue Note, 1963) John Coltrane, 'Coltrane [Prestige]' (OJC, 1957) John Coltrane, ‘A Love Supreme’ (Impulse!, 1964) John Coltrane, ‘Ascension’ (Impulse!, 1965) John Coltrane, ‘Ballads’ (Impulse!, 1961-62) John Coltrane, ‘Blue Train’ (Blue Note, 1957) John Coltrane, ‘Crescent’ (Impulse!, 1964) John Coltrane, ‘Giant Steps’ (Atlantic, 1959) John Coltrane, ‘Impressions’ (Impulse!, 1961) John Coltrane, ‘John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman’ (Impulse!, 1963) John Coltrane, ‘Live at Birdland’ (Impulse!, 1963) John Coltrane, ‘Live at Village Vanguard’ (Impulse!, 1961) John Coltrane, ‘Meditations’ (Impulse!, 1965) John Coltrane, ‘My Favorite Things’ (Atlantic, 1960) John Coltrane, ‘Olé Coltrane’ (Atlantic, 1961) John Coltrane, ‘Sun Ship’ (Impulse!, 1965) John Coltrane, ‘The Olatunji concert - the last live recording’ (Impulse!, 1967) John Coltrane, 'The John Coltrane Quartet Plays', (Impulse, 1965) John Lewis, ‘Kansas City Breaks’ (Red Baron, 1982) John Scofield - Pat Metheny, ‘I can see your house from here’ (Blue Note, 1993) Johnny Griffin, ‘The congregation’ (Blue Note, 1957) Johnny Hartman, ‘For Trane’ (Blue Note, 1972) Johnny Hartman, ‘I just dropped by to say hello’ (Impulse!, 1963) Johnny Hodges, ‘With Billy Strayhorn and The Orchestra’ (Verve, 1961) Julius Hemphill, ‘Dogon A.D.’ (Arista, 1988) Julius Hemphill, ‘Julius Hemphill Big Band’ (Elektra, 1988) Jumala Quintet, ‘Turtle crossing’ (Clean Feed, 2005) Keith Jarrett, ‘Facing you’ (ECM, 1971) Keith Jarrett, ‘Fort Yawuh’ (Impulse!, 1973) Keith Jarrett, ‘The Köln Concert’ (ECM, 1975) Keith Jarrett, ‘Whisper not’ (ECM, 2000) Ken Vandermark, ‘4 corners’ (Clean Feed, 2007) Ken Vandermark, ‘Burn the incline’ (Atavistic, 1999) Ken Vandermark, ‘Elements of style...Exercises in surprise’ (Atavistic, 2004) Kenny Burrel, ‘Guitar forms’ (Verve, 1965) Kenny Garrett, ‘Pursuance - the music of John Coltrane’ (Warner, 1996) Kenny Wheeler, ‘Double, double you’ (ECM, 1983) Larry Young, ‘Unity’ (Blue Note, 1965) Lee Konitz, ‘Konitz meets Mulligan’ (Blue Note, 1953) Lee Morgan, ‘The Sidewinder’ (Blue Note, 1963) Lester Young, ‘The complete Aladdin recordings’ (Blue Note, 1942-46) Lonnie Smith (Dr.), ‘Turning point’ (Blue Note, 1969) Lou Donaldson, ‘Good gracious’ (Blue Note, 1963) Louis Armstrong ‘Meets the girls’ (Saga, 1924-51) Louis Armstrong, 'The Best of Louis Armstrong: The Hot Five and Seven Recordings' (Columbia, 1926-28) Louis Armstrong, ‘Satchmo serenades’ (Decca-Verve, 1949-53) Marc Ducret, ‘Détail’ (Winter & Winter, 1996) Marion Brown, ‘Three for Shepp’ (Impulse!, 1966) Mark Turner, ‘In this world’ (Warner, 1998) Mathew Shipp, ‘Expansion, power, release’ (hatOlogy, 2001) Max Roach, ‘The Max Roach Quartet feat. H. Mobley’ (Debut-OJC, 1953) McCoy Tyner, ‘Reaching Fourth’ (Impulse!, 1962) McCoy Tyner, ‘Sahara’ (Milestone-OJC, 1972) McCoy Tyner, ‘The real McCoy’ (Blue Note, 1967) McCoyTyner, 'Trident' (Milestone, 1975) McCoy Tyner, 'Horizon' (Milestone, 1979) Michel Petrucciani, ‘Promenade with Duke’ (Blue Note, 1993) Miles Davis, ‘A tribute to Jack Johnson’ (Columbia, 1970) Miles Davis, ‘Ballads & blues’ (Blue Note, 1950-58) Miles Davis, ‘Birth of the Cool’ (Blue Note, 1949-50) Miles Davis, ‘Bitches Brew’ (Columbia, 1969) Miles Davis, ‘E.S.P.’ (Columbia, 1965) Miles Davis, ‘Filles de Kilimanjaro’ (Columbia, 1968) Miles Davis, ‘Get up with it’ (Columbia,70-72-73-74) Miles Davis, ‘In a Silent Way’ (Columbia, 1968-69) Miles Davis, ‘Kind of Blue’ (Columbia, 1959) Miles Davis, ‘L'ascenseur pour l'échafud’ (Fontana, 1957) Miles Davis, ‘Miles Ahead’ (Columbia, 1957) Miles Davis, ‘Miles Smiles’ (Columbia, 1966) Miles Davis, ‘Milestones - New York  Berlin  Tokyo’ (Jazz Door, 1964) Miles Davis, ‘Milestones’ (Columbia, 1958) Miles Davis, ‘Nefertiti’ (Columbia, 1967) Miles Davis, ‘On the corner’ (Columbia, 1972) Miles Davis, ‘Porgy and Bess, (Columbia, 1958) Miles Davis, ‘Round About Midnight’ (Columbia, 1955) Miles Davis, ‘Sketches of Spain’ (Columbia, 1959-60) Milford Graves, ‘Percussion ensemble’ (ESP, 1965) Milt Jackson, ‘In a new setting’ (Limelight-Verve, 1964) Miniature [J. Baron-T.Berne-H.Roberts], ‘I can't put my finger on it’ (Winter & Winter, 1991) Modern Jazz Quartet, ‘Django’ (Prestige-OJC, 1953) Modern Jazz Quartet, ‘Lonely Woman’ (Atlantic, 1972) Morten Gunnar Larsen, ‘Fingerbreaker’ (Decca, 1998) Muddy Waters, ‘Screamin' and cryin' (Saga, 1947-53) Nat King Cole - George Shearing, ‘Nat King Cole sings George Shearing plays’ (Blue Note, 1961) Nicholas Payton, ‘Nick@night’ (Verve, 1999) Nina Simone, ‘In Concert -  I Put A Spell On You’ (Philips, 1964-65) Nina Simone, ‘Night Song’ (Verve, 2000) Nina Simone, ‘Nina Simone and Piano’ (RCA-BMG, 1969) Nina Simone, ‘Nina Simone’ [Planet Jazz] (RCA-BMG, 1966-68) Nina Simone, ‘Pastel Blues - Let it all out’ (Philips, 1965-66) Nina Simone, ‘Ultimate’ (Verve, 1964-66) Oliver Nelson, ‘The Blues and the Abstract Truth’ (Impulse!, 1961) Ornette Coleman, ‘At the Golden Circle’ (Blue Note, 1965) Ornette Coleman, ‘Free Jazz’ (Atlantic, 1960) Ornette Coleman, ‘Someting else!!!!’ (Contemporary-OJC, 1958) Ornette Coleman, ‘The Shape of Jazz to Come’ (Atlantic, 1959) Ornette Coleman, ‘This Is Our Music’ (Atlantic, 1960) Oscar Peterson, ‘Night Train’ (Verve, 1962) Otomo Yoshihide, 'Live in Lisbon' (Clean Feed, 2006) Pee Wee Russell, ‘Ask me now’ (Impulse!, 1965) Pharoah Sanders, ‘Pharoah's first’ (ESP, 1964) Phil Woods, ‘At the Montreux Jazz Festival’ (MGM, 1969) Randy Weston, ‘African nite’ (Owl, 1974) Ray Barreto, ‘My Summertime’ (Blue Note, 1995) Ray Brown, ‘Jazz Cello’ (Verve, 1960) Red Garland, 'Groovy' (Prestige, 1957) Richard 'Groove' Holmes, ‘Comin' on home’ (Blue Note, 1975) Roland (Rahsaan) Kirk, ‘Rip, rig and panic - Now Please Don't You Cry, Beautiful Edith’ Roland (Rahsaan) Kirk, ‘The Inflated Tear’ (Atlantic, 1967) Round midnight’ (Columbia, 1986) Roy Hargrove, ‘Moment to moment’ (Verve, 2000) Sahib Shiab, ‘And all those cats’ (Rearward-Schema, 1964-68) Sam Rivers, ‘Crystals’ (Impulse!, 1974) Sarah Vaughan, ‘It's a man's world’ (Mercury, 1967) Sarah Vaughan, ‘Sarah Vaughan sings George Gershwin’ (Verve, 1957) Sarah Vaughan, ‘Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown’ (Verve, 1954) Sarah Vaughan, ‘The Benny Carter Sessions: The Explosive side of Sarah Vaughn / The Lonely Hours.’ (Blue Note, 1962-63) Sonny Clark, ‘Cool Struttin' (Blue Note, 1958) Sonny Rollins, ‘A night at the Village Vanguard’ (Blue Note, 1957) Sonny Rollins, ‘Alfie’ (Impulse!, 1966) Sonny Rollins, ‘Saxophone Colossus’ (Prestige-OJC, 1956) Sonny Rollins, ‘Way Out West’ (Contemporary-OJC, 1957) Stan Getz, ‘Focus’ (Verve, 1961) Stanley Jordan, ‘Magic Touch’ (Blue Note, 1985) Stefan F. Winter, ‘The little trumpet’ (JMT-Winter & Winter, 1986) Steve Coleman, ‘On the edge of tomorrow’ (JMT-Winter & Winter, 1986) Steve Lehman, ‘Interface’ (Clean Feed, 2003) Steve Lehman, ‘Manifold’ (Clean Feed, 2007) Sun Ra, ‘Space is the place’ (Impulse!, 1972) Sun Ra, ‘The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra’ (ESP, 1965) Susanne Abbuehl, 'Compass' (ECM, 2006) T.S. Monk, ‘Changing of the guard’ (Blue Note, 1993) Thelonious Monk, ‘Brilliant Corners’ (Riverside-OJC, 1956) Thelonious Monk, ‘Genius of Modern Music’ (Blue Note, 1947) Thelonious Monk, ‘Monk's Music’ (Riverside-OJC, 1957) Tina Brooks, 'True Blue' (Blue Note, 1960) Trio Viriditas, ‘Waxwebwind@ebroadway’ (Clean Feed, 2002) Us3, ‘Hand on the torch’ (Blue Note, 1993) Vince Guaraldi, 'Vince Guaraldi Trio' (Fantasy, 1956) Wayne Shorter, ‘Speak No Evil’ (Blue Note, 1964) Weather Report, ‘Black market’ (Columbia, 1976) Weather Report, ‘Heavy Weather’ (Columbia, 1977) Weather Report, ‘Mysterious Traveller’ (Columbia, 1973) West Montgomery, ‘The Incredible Jazz Guitar of W. M.’ (Riverside-OJC, 1960) Wes Montgomery, 'Willow weep for me' (Verve, 1965) Whit Dickey, ‘In a heartbeat’ (Clean Feed, 2005) William Parker, ‘Painter's Spring’ (Thirsty Ear, 2000) William Parker, ‘Raining on the moon’ (Thirsty Ear, 2002) William Parker – Hamid Drake – David Budbill, ‘Songs for a suffering world’ (Boxholder, 2003) William Parker, ‘Through acceptance of the mystery peace’ (Eremite, 1979) World Saxophone Quartet, 'Political Blues' (Justin Time, 2006) Yusef Lateef, ‘Other sounds’ (New Jazz-OJC, 1957)

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  1. Janeiro 27, 2012 20:01

    A Desentendida em Jazz diz:

    Algumas das minhas capas preferidas de jazz não estão aqui. 🙂

    (outras sim. a maior parte não conheço.)


    • Janeiro 27, 2012 20:48

      Aqui só estão os discos que tenho. Pelo menos a maior parte deles.
      Quanto às capas, é verdade, faltam muitas. A Taschen editou um livro com com algumas. Aqui podes ver as primeiras páginas:

      As mais famosas são as da Blue Note. Há uma edição, muito boa, com a reprodução dessas capas em formato vinil. Dois volumes. Saquei esta foto da net para veres o tamanho. Julgo que a actual edição é diferente desta.


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