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A. Romano-Sclavis-Texier, ‘African Flashback’ (Label Bleu, 2005) Ahmad Jamal, ‘At the Pershing / But Not for Me’ (Chess, 1958) Ahmad Jamal, ‘Chamber Music of the New Jazz’ (Argo, 1955) Alan Silva, ‘Emancipation suite # 1’ (Boxholder, 1999) Albert Ayler, ‘Spiritual Unity’ (ESP, 1964) Alice Coltrane, 'Journey in Satchidananda' (Impulse!, 1970) Alice Coltrane, 'Ptah the El Daoud' (Impulse!, 1970) Alice Coltrane, 'Universal Consciousness' (Impulse!, 1971) Alvin Fielder, ‘A measure of vision’ (Clean Feed, 2007) Andrew Hill, ‘Point of Departure’ (Blue Note, 1964) Archie Shepp, ‘Attica Blues’ (Impulse!, 1972) Archie Shepp, ‘Black gypsy’ (Free America, 1969) Archie Shepp, ‘Fire Music’ (Impulse!, 1965) Archie Shepp, ‘Mama too tight’ (Impulse!, 1966) Archie Shepp, ‘Yasmina, a black woman’ (Sunspots, 1969) Art Blakey, ‘!!! impulse!!! art blakey!!! jazz messengers!!!’ (Impulse!, 1961) Art Blakey, ‘Jazz & Cinéma Vol.2 [‘Des femmes disparaissent’] (Gitanes – Jazz in Paris, 1958) Art Blakey, ‘Like Someone in Love’ (Blue Note, 1960) Art Blakey, ‘Moanin' (Blue Note, 1958) Art Blakey, ‘Orgy in Rhythm’ (Blue Note, 1957) Art Ensemble of Chicago, ‘Bap-Tizum’ (Atlantic, 1972) Art Ensemble of Chicago, ‘The meeting’ (PI, 2003) Art Farmer, ‘Sing me softly of the blues’ (Atlantic, 1966) BassDrumBone, 'The line up' (Clean Feed, 2006) Ben Webster, ‘Soulville’ (Verve, 1957) Benny Golson, ‘Free - Take a number from 1 to 10’ (Chess, 1960-62) Benny Goodman, ‘The Benny Goodman Story’ (Blue Note, 1955) Bill Evans, ‘Conversations with myself’ (Verve, 1963) Bill Evans, ‘Sunday at the Village Vanguard’ (RiversideOJC, 1961) Bill Evans - Jim Hall, ‘Undercurrent’ (Blue Note, 1962) Bill Evans-Chris Connor-Kenny Durham, ‘The Jazz Festivals in Latin America’ (West Wind, 1979) Billie Holliday, ‘Lady in Satin’ (Columbia, 1958) Billie Holliday, ‘Songs For Distingué Lovers’ (Verve, 1957) Billie Holliday, ‘The Storyville Concerts’ (Jazz Door, 51-53-59) Billy Fox, ‘The uncle wiggly suite’ (Clean Feed,2007) Bix Beiderbeck, ‘The Bix Beiderbecke Story’ (Columbia, 1927) Booker Ervin, ‘Exultation!’ (Prestige-OJC, 1963) Brad Mehldau, ‘Introducing Brad Mehldau’ (Warner, 1995) Bud Powell, ‘The Amazing Bud Powell’ (Blue Note, 1949) Cannonbal Adderley, ‘Quintet in Chicago’ (Verve, 1959) Cannonbal Adderley, ‘Somethin' Else’ (Blue Note, 1958) Cassandra Wilson, ‘Blue skies’ (JMT-Winter & Winter, 1988) Charles Mingus, ‘Jazz Portraits- Mingus in Wonderland’ (Blue Note, 1959) Charles Mingus, ‘Keystone Korner’ (Jazz Door, 1976) Charles Mingus, ‘Mingus Ah Um’ (Columbia, 1959) Charles Mingus, ‘Oh Yeah’ (Atlantic, 1962) Charles Mingus, ‘Pithecanthropus erectus’ (Atlantic, 1956) Charles Mingus, ‘Pre-Bird’ (Verve, 1960) Charles Mingus, ‘The Clown’ (Atlantic, 1957) Charles Mingus, ‘Town Hall Concert’ (Jazz Workshop-OJC, 1964) Charles Mingus, ’The black saint and the sinner lady’ (Impulse!, 1963) Charlie Haden, ‘Liberation Music Orchestra’ (Impulse!, 1970) Charlie Haden, ‘Quartet West’ (PolyGram-Verve, 1986) Charlie Parker, ‘Big Band’ (Verve, 1950-53) Charlie Parker, ‘Bird and Diz’ (Verve, 1950) Charlie Parker, ‘Charlie Parker’ (Verve, 1947-53) Charlie Parker, ‘Jazz at Massey Hall’ (Debut-OJC, 1953) Chet Baker, ‘Baby breeze’ (Limelight-Verve , 1964) Chet Baker, ‘Chet’ (Riverside-OJC, 1958-59) Chet Baker, ‘My funny Valentine’ (Blue Note, 1953-56) Chet Baker, ‘Picture of Heath’ [Plaboys] (Blue Note, 1956) Chet Baker, ‘Plays Standards’ (Gitanes 'Jazz in Paris', 1955) Chet Baker, ‘The best of Chet Baker sings’ (Blue Note, 1953-56) Chick Corea, ‘My Spanish Heart’ (Polydor-PolyGram, 1976) Chick Corea - Bobby McFerrin, ‘Play’ (Blue Note, 1990) Clifford Brown, ‘Clifford Brown with strings’ (Verve, 1955) Clifford Brown, ‘Memorial album’ (Blue Note, 1953) Clifford Brown, ‘Study in brown’ (EmArcy, 1955) Clifford Jordan, ‘Cliff Jordan’ (Blue Note, 1957) Cold Sweat [Craig Harris], ‘Plays J.B.’ (JMT-Winter & Winter, 1990) Coleman Hawkins, ‘C. Hawkins encounters Ben Webster’ (Verve, 1957) Coleman Hawkins, ‘The genius of Coleman Hawkins’ (Verve, 1957) Count Basie, ‘The Complete Atomic Basie’ (Blue Note, 1957) Dave Brubeck, ‘Time Out’ (Columbia, 1959) David S. Ware, ‘Freedom suite’ (AUM, 2002) David S. Ware, ‘Go see the world’ (Columbia, 1998) David S. Ware, ‘Threads’ (Thirsty Ear, 2003) Dexter Gordon, ‘Body and soul’ (Black Lion, 1967) Dexter Gordon, ‘Go!’ (Blue Note, 1962) Dexter Gordon, ‘Our man in Paris’ (Blue Note, 1963) Dianne Reeves, ‘The calling - celebrating Sarah Vaughan’ (Blue Note,2001) Dinah Washington, ‘Dinah!’ (EmArcy, 1955) Dinah Washington, ‘Sings Bessie Smith’ (EmArcy-Verve, 1958) Dinah Washington, ‘What a diff'rence a day makes!’ (Mercury, 1959) Dizzy Gillespie, ‘An electrifying evening with D. Gillespie Quintet’ (Verve, 1961) Dizzy Gillespie, ‘Have trumpet, will excite!’ (Verve, 1959) Dizzy Gillespie, ‘Live at the Village Vanguard’ (Blue Note, 1967) Dizzy Gillespie, ‘Sonny side up’ (Verve, 1957) Django Reinhardt, ‘Django's blues’ (Gitanes – ‘Jazz in Paris’, 1947) Don Byron, ‘Bug music’ (Nonesuch, 1996) Don Cherry, ‘Brown rice’ (A&M, 1976) Don Cherry, ‘Complete communion’ (Blue Note, 1965) Donald Byrd, ‘A New Perspective’ (Blue Note, 1963) Duke Ellington, ‘...and his mother called him Bill’ (RCA, 1967) Duke Ellington, ‘Duke Ellington & John Coltrane’ (Impulse!, 1962) Duke Ellington, ‘Ellington at Newport’ (Columbia, 1956) Duke Ellington, ‘Money jungle’ (Blue Note, 1962) Duke Ellington, ‘Piano reflections’ (Blue Note, 1953) Duke Ellington, ‘Soul Call’ (Verve, 1966) Duke Ellington, ‘Uptown’ (Columbia, 1953) Ella Fitzgerald - Billie Holiday - Carmen McRae, ‘At Newport’ (Verve, 1957) Ella Fitzgerald - Count Basie, ‘Ella and Basie’ (Verve, 1963) Ella Fitzgerald - Louis Armstrong, ‘Ella and Louis’ (Verve, 1956) Ella Fitzgerald, ‘Ella sings the Cole Porter songbook’ (Verve, 1956) Ella Fitzgerald, ‘Ella's Moods’ (Verve) Ella Fitzgerald, ‘Montreux' 77’ (Pablo-OJC, 1977) Elvin Jones - Philly Joe Jones, ‘Together’ (Atlantic, 1961) Eric Dolphy, ‘Far Cry [with Booker Little]’ (New Jazz-OJC, 1960) Eric Dolphy, ‘Out to Lunch’ (Blue Note, 1964) Eric Dolphy, 'In Europe Vol. I' (Prestige, 1961) Ethan Winogrand, ‘Made in Brooklyn’ (Clean Feed, 2003) Ethan Winogrand, ‘Tangled tango’ (Clean Feed, 2007) Frank Sinatra, ‘Jazz!!!’ (Saga , 1946-52) Frank Sinatra, ‘My Way - the best of Frank Sinatra’ (Warner, 1962-86) Fred Anderson, ‘Back at the Velvet Lounge’ (Delmark, 2003) Freddie Hubbard, ‘Hub-tones’ (Blue Note, 1962) Freddie Hubbard, ‘The body & the soul’ (Impulse!, 1963) Freddie Hubbard, ‘The night of the cookers’ (Blue Note, 1965) Free Range Rat, ‘Nut club’ (Clean Feed, 2006) Gary Thomas, ‘While the gate is open’ (JMT-Winter & Winter, 1990) Gato Barbieri, ‘Caliente’ (A&M, 1976) George Russell, ‘Ezz-thetics’ (Riverside-OJC, 1961) Gerry Hemingway, ‘Devils Paradise’ (Clean Feed, 2004) Gerry Hemingway, ‘The whimbler’ (Clean Feed, 2005) Gerry Mulligan, ‘At the Village Vanguard’ (Verve, 1960) Gerry Mulligan, ‘Mullenium’ (Columbia, 1946-57) Gerry Mulligan-Shorty Rogers, ‘Modern Sounds’ (Capitol, 1951-53) Goldsparkle Trio, ‘Thunder remeinded me’ (Clean Feed, 2001) Grachan Monchur III, 'Some other stuff' (Blue Note, 1964 Grant Green, ‘Talkin' about’ (Blue Note, 1964) Greg Osby, ‘Mindgames’ (JMT-Winter & Winter, 1988) Hank Mobley, ‘Poppin' (Blue Note, 1957) Hank Mobley, ‘Roll call’ (Blue Note, 1960) Hank Roberts, ‘Black pastels’ (JMT-Winter & Winter, 1988) Helen Merrill, ‘Helen Merrill featuring G. Evans...’ (Giants of Jazz, 1954-56) Herb Robertson, ‘Transparency’ (JMT-Winter & Winter, 1985) Herbie Hancock, ‘Empyrean Isles’ (Blue Note, 1964) Herbie Hancock, ‘Head Hunters’ (Columbia, 1973) Herbie Hancock, ‘Maiden Voyage’ (Blue Note, 1965) Herbie Hancock, ‘My point of view’ (Blue Note, 1963) Horace Silver, ‘6 pieces of silver’ (Blue Note, 1956) Horace Silver, ‘Song for My Father’ (Blue Note, 1964) Horace Silver, ‘The Stylings of Silver’ (Blue Note, 1958) Hugh Ragin, ‘Feel the sunshine’ (Justin Time, 2002) Ike Quebec, ‘Blue & Sentimental’ (Blue Note, 1961) IMI Kollektief, 'Snug as a gun' (Clean Feed, 2006) Jackie Mc Lean, ‘Destination Out’ (Blue Note, 1963) Jackie Mc Lean, ‘Jackie's bag’ (Blue Note, 1959)

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