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Estes dois juntos foi uma raridade

Setembro 29, 2016
John Coltrane e Wes Montgomery, 1961, Monterey Jazz Festival © Jim Marshall

John Coltrane e Wes Montgomery, 1961, Monterey Jazz Festival © Jim Marshall


After the findings of the unpublished recordings of John Coltrane in the Carnegie Hall (with Thelonious Monk) and in the Half Note (with its own quartet), it seemed impossible that new surprises could arise. Against all prognosis, between tapes recently dusted by the heirs of the saxofonista they have appeared two coils that nor were known that they existed, corresponding ones to the concert offered by Coltrane in the Festival of Monterey of 1961, the 22 of September. Al to seem, the tapes, without labeling, were a gift of birthday for Coltrane, that this one kept and forgot (in brief it would travel soon to the coast This and to Europe). Up to here, the news is surprising. What it makes extraordinary is that this one is the only recorded testimony of the ephemeral sexteto of Trane with Eric Dolphy and Wes Montgomery, accompanied by McCoy Tyner, Reggie Workman and Elvin Jones. Throughout almost one hour the group touches three subjects: “My favourite things”, “Naima” and a medley of “Under What” and “Impressions”. Coltrane touches to the soprano and the tenor, and Dolphy, on the other hand, touches flauta, clarinete low and saxo high respectively in each one of the subjects. The mixture of two vanguardistas as Trane and Dolphy with the rythmical and sonorous solidity of Wes Montgomery work surprising well. The group came to touch several nights in the Workshop Jazz of San Francisco, and it would dissolve shortly, in spite of desires of the own Coltrane, that later declared two months in England that “it had enchanted to continue telling to him on Montgomery”. This one is, therefore, a unique recording, of whose existence the experienced producer Orrin Keepnews did not know nor (with that Montgomery had a near relation). Perhaps the most remarkable moments are the single one of the guitarist in “Under What/Impressions” and the ensembles of Coltrane and Dolphy in “Naima”, with Dolphy to clarinete low and Trane to the soprano in the introduction and the tenor at the end of the subject. Although something erratic, is also possible to emphasize the experiments with quarters of tone of Dolphy in “My favourite things”. In 1961, when east concert was recorded, Coltrane had exclusive contract with Impulse and Montgomery with Riverside. Luckily Universal and Fantasy/Concord maintain an excellent relation and, for want of solving legal flecos, the publication of this music in spring by Universal is anticipated.» (Artigo de 2005; fonte ?)

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