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Obrigado, cavaco

Outubro 26, 2015

Dominto effect

O efeito dominó na imprensa internacional de direita.

Este artigo no The Telegraph deve ser lido na íntegra:

Mr Cavaco Silva is effectively using his office to impose a reactionary ideological agenda, in the interests of creditors and the EMU establishment, and dressing it up with remarkable Chutzpah as a defence of democracy.

This is a dangerous demarche. The Portuguese conservatives and their media allies behave as if the Left has no legitimate right to take power, and must be held in check by any means.

Na Forbes:

The stage seems set for months of political chaos in Portugal. It is hard to see how this will please financial institutions, investors and markets, as the President suggests. (…) Denial of democracy cannot possibly bring about democracy. Nor can it create peace.

No The Huffington Post:

Portugal’s Democracy Cracks Under Weight Of Austerity. The country’s president reappointed a center-right government despite majority support for anti-austerity parties.

Adenda: agora na RTP, “Imprensa internacional arrasa discurso de Cavaco

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