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“Pull My Daisy”, by Robert Frank

Março 4, 2010

Pull My Daisy” (1959, USA), Directed by Robert Frank, Alfred Leslie
Spoken narration by Jack Kerouac
Music by David Amram
With Allen GinsbergGregory CorsoLarry RiversAlice Neel

Pull My Daisy began in 1957 as a collaborative jazz poetry reading between Amram and Kerouac—the first ever staged in New York City—and two years later was developed into this semi-documentary, quasi-improvised Beat film, which would inspire countless hipsters, slam masters, and rappers. Amram later observed, “Kerouac saw the aesthetic as well as the spiritual, enduring value of jazz. He also loved Bach and heard the similarities in the perfect choice of notes to the spontaneous solos of Charlie Parker.” 30 min. Watch here.

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