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“The servant”, by Joseph Losey

Janeiro 7, 2010

The Servant” (1963), Directed by Joseph Losey
Screenplay by Harold Pinter (from the novel by Robin Maugham)
Music by John Dankworth
With Dirk Bogarde James Fox • Sarah Miles Wendy Craig

Losey and Pinter’s masterpiece is an intense, baroque chamber drama that pits master against manservant—with their women enlisted as coconspirators—to uncover what lies beneath all that elegant English decorum and décor: the human will to destroy and be destroyed. The film is structured in discreet patterns of four to chart this exquisite descent into madness and degradation: the ménage à quatre, with its ever-shifting alliances; the four stages of the Georgian townhouse’s interior decoration; and Dankworth’s musical theme, which evolves in four passages from the sentimental to the darkly atonal. Dankworth alternates between string and saxophone quartets to give The Servant, his finest score, what Losey biographer David Caute calls “a haunting quality of hedonism and lament.”

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  1. Julho 31, 2010 23:59

    Absolutely loved this film!


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